A bit of history......

Whilst living in London I spent a number of years painting metal 'Toleware' - decorative objects such as trays, cachepots, jardinieres and wastebins.

green tray2 cachepotsbrocade jardinierezebra bin

3 birds detailleopard detailwhite acanthustray detail

Most of this work was on commission - special orders placed by interior designers, decorators and shops. Since everything I produced was painted to order I was able to either offer designs from my own range or to create special one-off designs to match room colours or fabric samples.
My products were exported to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia and the US.
In 2001 I produced a special collection for the Christian Dior Boutique in Paris.
If you are interested in knowing more about ordering my hand-painted toleware, please get in touch with me using the contact page.


Having moved back to my native France a few years ago, I decided to concentrate on
'fine art' and in particular Still Life painting.
I experimented for a long time - trying to find the perfect medium which suited my technique - finally deciding to work exclusively in oils.
I am first and foremost, a painter of everyday objects - things you take for granted because you know them so well.
My eye is perhaps attracted by a cup, some apples on the table or a glass, and these become subjects for a painting.